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Mitigation Resources

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Capital Mitigation Specialist Directory

Peer Consultation on Capital Mitigation for NASAMS Members

  • Are you new to the field of capital mitigation and need some help getting started?
  • Are you a private practitioner working in capital mitigation and would like to benefit from support from an experienced colleague?
  • Are you a mitigation specialist who would like to connect with a more experienced colleague to share ideas?

By requesting Peer Consultation on the member only listserve, NASAMS members will have access to experienced mitigation specialists who can be available for consultation and advice by telephone or email. Peer Consultants can help strategize about managing a case and working with clients, attorneys, and others. An experienced adviser is an invaluable resource, whether this is your first capital case or your 50th!

Lisa Rickert, Mitigation Specialist expressed her experience in this way:

"The mentoring relationship has significantly aided my professional development. (Peer consultants) have been my teachers, coaches and support people."

You must be a current NASAMS member to participate. Click here for membership information.